DIA’s Yebin Reveals How She Went From Singing Only One Part In Their Songs To Entire Choruses

Even though she was the lead vocalist, she had to prove herself- here’s how!

As the lead vocalist of the group, Yebin now sings the chorus for most of DIA‘s songs, but she recently revealed that it had not always been the case!

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Yebin recently sat down for an interview with KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC, where she talked about many things, including how she joined DIA, and also her time on the survival show, The Unit!

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Among the topics discussed, Yebin talked about her debut with the group and shared how, at the time, she sang only one line in the whole song, despite being the lead vocalist.

I had one part in our debut song. I sing one line in the verse and I have no other parts.


She opened up about the embarrassment she felt about having only one part to sing, and revealed that it was ultimately encouragement and support from her parents that helped her get over her shame!

I was so embarrassed at myself. I try to take care of my emotions because of my parents. When I was having a hard time, they said, ‘Think of when you used to wish you could just become a trainee. If you’re unhappy because you don’t have many parts in a song, you’re not going to be happy no matter what you do in the future.’

I realized that I worked so hard for this, and my dream came true, so I shouldn’t be shaken by something so small.


While her beginning wasn’t exactly what she hoped for, Yebin’s patience eventually bore fruit, and she got her chance to shine as a singer when DIA made their comeback with the song “On The Road”!

Also, while we were preparing for a song called “On The Road”, the composer Lee Gi Yong Bae said to us, before the parts were decided, ‘Go around and sing it once. I want Yebin to sing the chorus.’

I used to sing one line of the verse. He was suddenly telling me to sing the chorus all of a sudden.

I realized my hard work had come to shine. Since then, I’ve been singing the chorus for DIA’s songs.


Yebin truly proved herself as a vocalist, and proved herself once more as recently made her solo debut with the single “Yes I Know”.

Listen to her song here!

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