Here Are All The Different And Exclusive Goodies That ARMYs Are Getting In Their Hotel Rooms For “Yet To Come” in Busan

So much purple!

BTS fans around the world are making their way to Busan for the group’s Yet To Come in Busan special concert. The unique event is taking place in an effort to promote the city’s bid to host the World Expo 2030.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter
BTS “Yet To Come in BUSAN” concert poster.

While the city has already begun its “borahaefication”, fans attending the concert are now getting to see how their hotel rooms have been made ARMY-ready! Similar to SM Entertainment‘s Global Packages for fans that attend SM groups’ concerts, many hotels in Busan have added their own special merch packages for guests!

Check out the variety of merch some of the hotels in Busan have prepared for fans!

1. Marriott Hotel

The Marriott hotel package includes a bed scarf/runner per bed and a special package of a variety of merch!

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Inside the package are a group postcard, photocards, themed shower products, purple slippers featuring the “Yet To Come” logo, and special coffee.

Not only are the rooms themed and filled with goodies, but the lobby and cafe of the Marriott are completely decked out for the concert!

2. Lotte Hotel

ARMY guests at the Lotte Hotel are treated to the same postcard and photocard packs as the Mariott, but some of the additional merch is different. Guests at this hotel get a small purple pillow featuring the outlines of the group, fluffy purple slippers, and 2 different-sized pouches containing toiletries.

3. Paradise Hotel

The Paradise hotel package includes the same photocard and postcard set with a few new additions. A purple towel, a small cinch dust bag, a themed hotel door hanger and keycard, a luggage tag, and a thin card holder are included with this package.

| @Vante521/Twitter

The grounds of the hotel are also BTS-themed, with light messages on the ground and purple ambient lighting. The cafe on the hotel’s grounds also has completed its “borahaefication” and has themed placemats and treats.

4. Grand Josun Hotel

The Grand Josun hotel package features a small pillow, a hooded poncho, bath salts, and a hotel tote to carry all the goodies in addition to the postcard and photocard set.

| @BangtanCookie7/Twitter
| @DschainsPen/Twitter
| @BangtanCookie7/Twitter

5. Park Hyatt Hotel

The Park Hyatt Hotel gifts are more food and drink-themed. These rooms feature a bottle of wine with matching glasses, a purple cake, and all-themed toiletries. According to fans staying in the rooms, the hotel also provided a complimentary mini-bar inside the rooms!

| @_jessicode/Twitter

The wine gift included in the welcome package is the “Vigor Wine” which sold out after Jungkook drank it during a live stream.

It seems like every part of the “Yet To Come” concert experience for fans traveling to see the group will be extravagant! Check out all that the city of Busan has done to prepare for the event below!

Busan Has Officially Gone Through “Borahaefication” In Preparation For BTS’s “Yet To Come” Concert


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