Here’s What Happens When K-Pop Idols Play “Flip Cup” 

f(x)’s Amber, DAY6’s Jae, and more drink to win on “HWAITING”.

Welcome to another round of the HWAITING games, where the odds are never in anyone’s favor!

In Episode 5 of this new K-Pop game showTeam Red (BTOB‘s PenielLadies’ Code‘s Ashley, and f(x)‘s Amber) competed against Team Blue (KARD‘s BMJimin Park, and DAY6‘s Jae ) in a round of “flip cup”.

This team drinking game is commonly played by college students. In it, players must drain beer from a plastic cup, then flip the cup onto its brim without knocking the cup over. Instead of alcohol, the HWAITING cast filled cups with lemon juice, Coca-Cola, and…kkanari (fish sauce).

Flipping the cups was hard enough, but drinking that nasty blend of beverages? Ashley (aka Team Red’s slowest drinker) sums it up best:

Peniel may have cheated to even the odds…

…but in the end, after stomaching those drinks, nobody was really a winner.

Find out who received penalties, and more in Episode 5 of HWAITING:

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