Jimin Park Gave An R-Rated Answer For Eric Nam’s Pop Quiz

She changed this trivia game’s rating from PG to 19+ in the blink of an eye.

If anybody needs to come with a warning label, it’s your girl Jimin “Jamie” Park!

Nobody can predict what this savage star will say next, and she proved it once again in the newest episode of HWAITING. 

In Episode 7, Eric Nam quizzes BTOB‘s PenielLadies’ Code‘s Ashley,  f(x)‘s AmberKARD‘s BMDAY6‘s Jae, and Jamie in a game called “Pop Quiz”. As always, things got crazy from the get-go.

The quiz’s questions were all PG, but Jamie’s answers were anything but. Question: What is always coming but never arrives?

“Sperms?” Jamie answered with a straight face. Cue shocked laughter, scandalized gasps, and WTF looks from her cast-mates!

HWAITING isn’t rated R…is it?

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Jamie’s answer almost worked for more than one question. What has a head and a tail but not a body?

Sperm! Right? Wrong. Jamie’s answer was, once again, the incorrect one, but she deserves points for dedication.  (Unfortunately, those kinds of points weren’t given in “Pop Quiz”!)

Watch Episode 7 of HWAITING to find out who won and who lost!

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