Hell’s Kitchen: K-Pop Idol Edition Feat. Eric Nam And Nasty Sandwiches

The cast of “HWAITING” served up some nasty lunch for their host, Eric Nam.

If you want a taste of K-Pop’s Hell’s Kitchen, check out the latest episode of HWAITING!

In Episode 4 of this hilarious new game showTeam Yellow (BTOB‘s Peniel and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley)…

…Team Red (KARD‘s BM and f(x)‘s Amber)…

…and the reluctantly paired Team Blue (Jimin Park and DAY6‘s Jae) competed in a game called “Make Eric a Sandwich”.

One person from each team had to read out instructions for a sandwich that Eric Nam would eat and judge at the end of the game. Their partner had to put together the sandwich while blindfolded.

As expected, the instruction-readers tried to cheat by dropping hints…

…and the sandwich makers were a mess!

Were the sandwiches horrifying? Yes. Did Eric Nam suffer his way through them? You bet.

Watch Episode 4 of HWAITING to find out who won and who lost (big time):

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