K-Pop Idols Scream Their Way Through The New “Whisper Challenge”

KARD’s BM, Jamie Park, and more play this hilarious yelling game in Episode 6 of HWAITING.

You’ve heard of “The Whisper Challenge”, but what about its loud AF twin sister?

Seven of your favorite K-Pop stars play the “Stop Yelling At Me!” game in HWAITING, a new game show starring Eric NamBTOB‘s PenielLadies’ Code‘s Ashley,  f(x)‘s AmberKARD‘s BMJamie Park, and DAY6‘s Jae.

In “The Whisper Challenge”, one player has to guess their partner’s whispered word or phrase while listening to loud music that blocks out all other sounds. In the “Stop Yelling At Me!” game, there’s no whispering, just non-stop screaming!

Instead of whispering a specific word, the player has to shout anything but that word. They can describe the mystery word in any way to help their partner guess it, but body language isn’t allowed.

The game was pure chaos from start to finish. Contract? Culture? Balls? What! No, Ashley, Amber said “small concert”. A fan meeting!

Licker? Nope! That would be “leader”.

How did “coffee” become “pump fake” and “Michael Jordan”?

Who won and who lost?

Watch Episode 6 of HWAITING to find out!

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