Dreamcatcher Couldn’t Stop Gushing Over IZ*ONE’s Eunbi After Receiving Her Sweet Gift

They wanted everyone to know how great Eunbi is!

Although it wasn’t too long ago that Dreamcatcher and IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi stole everyone’s heart with their blossoming friendship, Dreamcatcher recently blessed us all with even more wholesome friendship content!

Image: @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

Not too long ago, fans were able to witness the very beginning of Eunbi and Dreamcatcher’s friendship after they both revealed they wanted to get close to each other and then promptly ran into each other during their Show Champion interviews.

Image: ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

From there, it looks like this new friendship is in full bloom! In a recent episode of Dreamcatcher’s Note, Dreamcatcher revealed the sweet gift Eunbi had sent them and sent her a whole lot of love right back!

At the beginning of the episode, Gahyeon excitedly revealed that Dreamcatcher had received a big gift from Eunbi.

We’ve received a small…no a large gift! We’ve become friends with Eunbi from IZ*ONE. She sent us a gift!

— Gahyeon

The special gift, which Gahyeon happily presented to everyone, was a big box of fruit that Eunbi had specially prepared!

Gahyeon: A box full of fruit! I believe she sent us this so our immune systems stay strong during these times.

SuA: They’re delicious!

As Gahyeon and SuA enjoyed some of the tasty treats from Eunbi, Gahyeon just couldn’t get over how great Eunbi is while wondering aloud what she could give Eunbi in return.

How is she this great? I wonder what I should give her? I’ll think hard about that… I’ll make sure to give her something great.

— Gahyeon

After hearing Gahyeon’s words, SuA revealed that she’d been thinking the exact same thing!

SuA: I’m also thinking about what to give her!

Gahyeon: Right? Love you!

JiU, meanwhile, talked about how loved Dreamcatcher felt after receiving the sweet gifts from Eunbi and the staff for their last M! Countdown broadcast!

Today is our last broadcast on M! Countdown. Many people gave us gifts for our last broadcast. IZ*ONE’s Eunbi gave us fruit and the staff gave us macarons and cake! We feel very loved. Thank you for taking care of us. We will work even harder! Fighting!

— JiU

With their friendship continuing to grow even stronger, we can’t wait to see even more of this new friendship unfold! You can witness all of the cuteness for yourself below: