Dreamcatcher’s Performance In Barcelona Goes Viral For Exceptional Treatment Towards The Group

Primavera Sound Festival knows how to treat their guests well!

On June 4, Dreamcatcher traveled to Barcelona, Spain to perform at the 2022 Primavera Sound Festival.

Dreamcatcher at Primavera Sound Festival | @hf_dreamcatcher

While Dreamcatcher put on an electrifying performance for InSomnia to enjoy…

…their appearance at the festival was uncertain up until the last moment.

Before the day of the event, poor weather conditions forced many flights heading into Barcelona to be cancelled, causing InSomnia to become concerned for the safety of the seven-member group.

This caused one InSomnia to send a message to the Primavera Sound Festival organizers about their arrival.

In return, they received a mysterious reply.

An InSomnia’s message to the Primavera Sound Festival‘s organizers | @ixivvivii/Twitter

Dreamcatcher arrived to Barcelona safe and sound, but with a surprise.

Dreamcatcher boarding their private jet | @sualelbora/Instagram

The Primavera Sound Festival organizers booked a private jet for Dreamcatcher to come to the festival!

Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon sits in the group’s private jet | @ms.yoohyeonkim/Instagram

The jet was furnished with reclining chairs and lots of space for the members to have a relaxing flight.

Online, InSomnia praised the Primavera Sound Festival organizers for providing exceptional treatment for Dreamcatcher, especially since the festival is one of the largest music festivals in Spain.

Dreamcatcher made another amazing memory during their time at the Primavera Sound Festival, which you can read more about here.

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