Dreamcatcher Scared The F**k Out Of The PD With Their Chaotic Energy

Chaos level 10,000

Dreamcatcher has lovingly earned the nickname “Chaoscatcher” from fans and with good reason. Thanks to their high energy and playful nature, things are bound to take a wild turn whenever they’re together.

| @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

So when they got all fired up during Mnet‘s MCD Dance Challenge, there was simply no taming their chaotic energy as the PD soon found out!

| @DreamcatcherCompany/Naver Post

With groups like ATEEZ, CLC, Stray Kids, A.C.E, Dreamcatcher, and more competing in this particular relay group challenge, each group showed off their moves to EXO‘s “Growl”.

From start to finish, each group did an amazing job putting their own playful twist on the choreography.

Dreamcatcher, however, took the playful energy to a whole other level! With their energy levels increasing by the second as they danced along, Dreamcatcher made sure to spread the fun and urged the PD to join in too!

After completely encircling the PD, Dreamcatcher launched the next phase of their fun getting some dramatic performance shots with the PD. Reaching chaos level 100 with the artistic shots, Dreamcatcher was ready to level up even further and with the suggestion of acting like zombies, well…

Cue chaos level 10,000 in 3…2…1!

With Dreamcatcher unleashing their full chaotic energy, scaring the unsuspecting PD, and delivering one unforgettable relay dance, it’s no surprise that they took home the MCD Dance Challenge win!

Watch Dreamcatcher unleash the chaos in the full dance challenge video below:

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