How Hard Is Drug Treatment To Get In Korea? Former Idol Speaks From Experience

Millions worldwide deal with addiction to substances.

Recently, Yoo Ah In‘s court appearances have made headlines as he faces charges of habitual propofol use, illegal prescription and purchase of sleeping pills under another person’s name, cannabis smoking, and evidence tampering.

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Yoo Ah In

Drug use laws in Korea are extremely strict, and some medications legal in other parts of the world can incur punishment. While Yoo Ah In was essentially banished from K-Entertainment, international netizens had different views.

Many see his drug usage as the result of an issue that was not solved and something that should have warranted help rather than punishment.

International Fans Rally In Support Of Yoo Ah In After His Screentime Gets Brutally Snipped From Upcoming K-Drama

Across the world, many nations are dealing with an opioid abuse epidemic that experts say can only be solved by society-wide changes and support of those dealing with addiction. This includes treatment and recovery services being prioritized over criminal punishment, which has seen success in countries where it is enacted.

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According to musician Nam Taehyun, even those seeking help in Korea can have a hard time finding it.

Nam Taehyun originally made his debut as a member of WINNER, before leaving the group in 2016, related to mental health issues. These issues continued, eventually leading to an expensive drug addiction, DUI incident, and Taehyun testing positive for meth usage.

Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun checked himself into rehab, and has recently expressed his hopes of returning to music following his discharge. In October 2023, the musician spoke about drug addiction in front of the National Assembly, where he advocated for more government supported drug dependence treatment.

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During his statement, he stated that a big barrier for many attempting to recover is money as facilities, including the one he attended, rely on private payments and monthly funding.

[The center] receives many calls from drug users hoping to recover, but it can’t accommodate them due to a lack of financial support from the government.

— Nam Taehyun

Without government support for rehabilitation programs, it seems that recovery can be nearly impossible for the average person, and with a lack of accommodation, hard for even celebrities like Yoo Ah In.

You can read more about Yoo Ah In’s case below.

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