Erika Sawajiri Reportedly Made Her Husband Pay for Sex If They Did It More Than 5 Times a Month

She took around $4000 USD from her ex-husband every time they went over the limit.

On JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, the panel talked about the famous Japanese actress, Erika Sawajiri and the contract she made her ex-husband sign before they got married.

Erika Sawajiri, who is famous all over the world of 1 Liter of Tears and A Song to the Sun, married Tsuyoshi Takahashi (22 years her senior) in 2009 but announced their intent to divorce just 1 year later.

And in the process of filing for divorce, their premarital contract leaked out, which contained shocking conditions.

According to the contract, Takahashi had to pay 100 million won (~$79,000 USD) to Sawajiri each time he went on a date with another woman, and if he had sex with the woman, he had to pay double that amount.

If the payments were made, Sawajiri was willing to continue the relationship as usual.

But the amount of sex the couple could have every month was also decided in the contract.

The maximum limit was 5 times a month, and each time they exceeded that amount, Takahashi had to pay Sawajiri 5 million won (~$4000 USD) each time.

The most surprising part is that the man ended up marrying the actress, causing the panel of the show to drop their jaws in shock.

Source: Insight
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