The Evolution Of Big Hit Entertainment Buildings Through The Years

Started from humble beginnings.

Following reports of Big Hit Entertainment moving to a bigger and better building in 2020, let’s take a look through the buildings the company occupied through the years.

During BTS‘s early debut days, Big Hit Entertainment occupied the second floor of this building.

They were not the only occupants of that building. They shared it with other businesses.

This was how the Big Hit Entertainment office looked like.

For their dormitory, the boys lived on the third floor of this building. All seven boys shared one room.

The boys would frequent a Korean restaurant near their building since the basement level was used as a training room. When they were exhausted, they would have their meals there.

In 2017, Big Hit Entertainment moved to a new building. Thought it was much better than their old building, many agreed that it was still rather small, especially since this was during BTS’s rise in popularity.

The boys upgraded from a practice room in the basement to an actual practice room.

They also had numerous rooms that served different functions, like dressing rooms and vocal rooms.

Big Hit Entertainment will occupy this building until the end of 2019. In 2020, the company will move to a new building.

They are expected to move into the new building by May of 2020 and will have 7 basements and 19 floors from the ground-up.

Seeing how the company started from renting the second floor of a humble building to occupying a high-end 19-floor building proves that hard-work leads to success. With the blood, sweat, and tears that BTS and the staff of the company have gone through the years, monster rookies TXT and the alleged new girl group will be able to experience idol-life in an amazing environment.

Source: The Qoo