EXID’s Hani Admits That She Started Pursuing Music “As A Rebellion”

She also spills on why she started to love performing.

Four members of EXID (Solji wasn’t feeling well) recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone Korea, where they talked about their careers, starting by sharing their first experiences performing.

LE: We usually performed in the kindergarten.

EXID’s LE and Hyelin | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube

For Hani, the talented idol was first introduced to performing in front of others when her dad convinced her to perform at karaoke.

Hani: In my case, I have a personal experience.

LE: What is it?

Hani: My father is very energetic. So when our parents get together, he keeps asking people to go to karaoke. My dad kept making me sing and dance in front of people.

EXID’s Jeonghwa and Hani | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Even though Hani hated performing, she still did what her dad asked.

Hani: I remember I hated that.

LE: Did you do it?

Hani: I did. If I don’t my dad will get sulky.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Although Hani is now well-known as an incredibly talented idol, she didn’t pursue music to follow a dream.

When asked why they pursued music, LE instantly answered that her reason for doing music is because of her passion…

LE: Because I like it.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

And Jeonghwa[feels] free when [she does] music.”

Jeonghwa: I think I feel free when I do music. When I compose and write songs, or when I perform on stage. When I sing in the recording studio, I think I’m doing music because I can feel the freedom.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Hyelin explains that she likes “the spotlight,” making her members laugh as they admire her honest and cool answer.

Hyelin: I liked to be in the spotlight. I still like it. Yes, I do.

Jeonghwa: That’s awesome.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

But in contrast to her members, Hani admits that she actually started pursuing music “as a rebellion.”

Hani: In my case, the first time I started music was as a rebellion. I wanted to go on a path that my mom couldn’t follow. I realized that later.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Still, while EXID was promoting, Hani “loved [being a part of EXID] so much that [she] worked really hard.”

Hani: But while promoting, I wanted to feel “Together” and “Us.” I loved it so much that I worked really hard.

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

And reuniting for their tenth anniversary only reminded Hani of how much she enjoys performing with her group.

Hani: Recently, when we were on stage together, it’s been a while since I felt that I really liked to be “Us.” There’s a thrill of being a part of “Us.”

| Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 
Source: Rolling Stone Korea


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