EXID’s Hyelin Reveals She Made Her Mom Drink For Three Straight Days

She also reveals her drunk habits!

EXID member Hyelin recently uploaded a very hilarious Q&A video on her YouTube channel and she spills the tea!

| @hyeliniseo/Instagram

Hyelin of EXID has been active on her YouTube channel ever since the all five members of the group left Banana Culture back in 2020. Her most recent upload is a TMI Q&A session and the she got down with the answers. She starts off with an easy question related to food.

This is how the EXID member answered the question.

These days because of COVID-19, I’ve been staying home and gaining weight. So I started eating cauliflower rice, but since it’s just straight vegetables and very crunchy, I have been scrambling an egg with it. The tastiest method is to make kimchi fried rice.

— Hyelin

Things started to get rolling a little more as the next question asked was:

Hyelin started off by apologizing to her mother before answering the question.

I feel really sorry for my mom, but I used to edit my grades on a spreadsheet without her knowing.

— Hyelin

The following question that was asked was, “what would you have been if you weren’t a K-Pop girl group member?”

This question made Hyelin ponder a little bit before answering with a multitude of responses.

At first, I wanted to be in the restaurant business. These days, I’ve been really into real estate. Another one is teaching little kids as a teacher. I probably would have picked one of those three. If I had to pick one that I really wanted to do, I’d pick the restaurant business.

— Hyelin

The next question starts off on a touching note, then gets progressively hilarious as Hyelin answers it.

The EXID member starts off by revealing that she’s never spent a birthday with her mother.

I’ve never spent my birthday with my mom because I was always with my friends. Last year, we went to a hotel together, just the two of us.

— Hyelin

After her touching response, Hyelin savagely reveals how she got her own mother drunk for three days!

I took her to a bar and made her drink for three days in a row. My mom told me that she’s never drank that many days, but she seemed to enjoy it. While my plan was to impress my mom with the event, at the end of the day I got impressed and touched instead.

— Hyelin

When asked about her alcohol tolerance and any weird drunk habits, this is how the girl group member answered.

I can drink up to 3.5 bottles of soju. As for drunk habits, I just head home. I used to leave my phone at the bar to make it seem like I didn’t leave.

— Hyelin

We love Hyelin’s fun and bubbly personality! She definitely did not hold back on any of her Q&A questions so if you want to watch the full video, you can check it out down below!

Source: Instagram