EXO’s Baekhyun Was So Popular In High School He Even Had His Own Fanchant

Baekhyun has always had star power:

Baekhyun‘s honey vocals have the ability to steal anyone and everyone’s heart. Add in his stunning visuals, amazing dance skills, as well as his goofy, sweet, and charming personality and it’s no surprise that Baekhyun has captured hearts far and wide throughout the years. In fact, even before he debuted with EXO he already had plenty of fans!


Recently Baekhyun’s school days have been earning a place in the spotlight again as fans reminisce about all of Baekhyun’s best high school moments, including the moment when Baekhyun proved he truly was the truly the idol of Bucheon Jungwon High School.


Fans have uncovered videos from a talent show during his high school days and not only was Baekhyun able to hit all the high notes in the sweetest way ever, but he also had all the girls screaming for more!


Of course, Baekhyun didn’t just steal all the girls’ hearts he also wowed all the guys too. Just listen to this Baekhyun fanchant from one of his male classmates!


To top it off, in one of the clips, Baekhyun was even asked if he had a girlfriend!


With the clips resurfacing, EXO-Ls everywhere are falling for high school Baekhyun and are absolutely loving his classmates’ reactions to him!


With such star power back then, it’s no wonder Baekhyun became a top idol! The power Byun Baekhyun holds!