EXO’s Chen Once Revealed His Ideal Type on “Sunny’s FM Date”

Chen named the Girls’ Generation member that most closely resembles his ideal type.

In light of EXO Chen‘s recent announcement that he has a girlfriend whom he plans to marry, his past reveal of his ideal type on Sunny’s FM Date resurfaced online.


Back in 2012, Chen spoke in an interview with CeCi where he picked his ideal type as a woman who looks pretty when she smiles and knows how to lead.

And a year later in 2013, Chen appeared on Shindong’s Shimshimtapa and described his ideal type as a woman with charming eyes and a small physique.

And in 2015 on Sunny’s FM Date, Chen even picked a member from Girls’ Generation who was the most like his ideal type and went on to explain why.

I’d choose Sunny as my ideal type. My ideal type is a woman who looks pretty when she smiles. So I’ve always liked Sunny Noona. I’m a huge fan.

– Chen

He even compared Sunny to a mother-like figure, adding humor to his choice.

Sunny Noona is also comfortable to be around as if he’s a mom. All members of Girls’ Generation are attractive, but I like Sunny Noona the most.

– Chen

SM Entertainment confirmed that Chen’s fiancée is pregnant and that since she is a non-celebrity, details of her pregnancy will be kept confidential.


Source: MoneysMT

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