EXO’s Kai Couldn’t Resist Sharing Clips Of His Nephew On Instagram And It’s Cuteness Overload

Kai proved once again he’s the best uncle ever:

If anyone got an award for being the best uncle ever, it would definitely be EXO‘s Kai. Ever since his niece and nephew were born, he’s showered them with love and affection. He loves spending time with them, and when he can’t be with them, he always comments on their photos saying how much he misses them.


While there’s already more than enough proof to show that Kai is the sweetest uncle, his latest Instagram posts are further proof that he truly loves them to the moon and back.


Kai recently headed over to Instagram to share an adorable video of his nephew Raeon with fans. In the clip, Raeon looks straight into the camera and sternly asks his uncle why he didn’t pick up the phone!


Making the moment even cuter, Kai was spotted in the comments section leaving an apology to Raeon…


And gushing over how cute his nephew is!


That isn’t the only sweet uncle Kai post EXO-Ls were treated to either! Kai just uploaded another video of Raeon getting his jig on…


And this time, Kai couldn’t help laughing at his nephew’s antics!


With these latest posts, Kai not only proved he really loves his niece and nephew with his whole heart but that he truly deserves the uncle of the year award!