This “Love Shot” Fancam Reached 2 Million Views Faster Than Kai’s Body Rolls


Whenever you watch EXO‘s Kai dance, it’s impossible to look away. His smooth moves and fluid grace are almost hypnotizing in their beauty and his stage presence is just jaw-dropping.


Since he always makes our hearts flutter when he’s performing, it’s really no surprise that Kai has had multiple fancams go viral. When “Tempo” first came out, netizens were freaking out over his fancam, and his dance moves from Gayo Daejeon were receiving a whole lot of love weeks afterward.


But now there’s another fancam that has been taking over! Kai’s Music Bank “Love Shot” performance has steadily been gaining votes over the past two months and has now hit a major milestone!


The sexy fancam has been viewed over 2 million times!


The impressive feat has prompted EXO-Ls to create a new hashtag in celebration!


Check out the heart-fluttering fancam below!


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