EXO-Ls Welcome Another Idol Into Kai’s Ever-Growing Fanclub

Kai’s fanclub just keeps getting bigger!

EXO Kai‘s fanclub just keeps on growing!


Ever since Kai made his debut, he has charmed everyone and it’s easy to see why. Kai has stunning visuals, deadly dance moves, and heavenly vocals. But on top of his skills, Kai is also an extremely hard worker, a dedicated dancer and singer, and is always caring and kind to those around him.


All those things together, make Kai…well…Kai, but they also have a way of stealing your heart and before you know it you’re a true Kai stan. Which might be what happened to Kai’s newest fanclub member!


After their very recent comeback, Stray Kids made an appearance on the Ji Seok Jin’s 2PM Date radio show. During one portion of the program, each of the members had to answer questions during a speed quiz.


Normally, idols can get a little flustered and even end up hesitating a little bit during the game because of the quick speeds but when Lee Know was asked who the best dancer in the industry he wanted to take after was, he didn’t hesitate one second to name Kai.

I respect every sunbaenim but for me, it’s EXO Kai sunbaenim.

— Lee Know


He later revealed that he had been a fan of EXO from the very beginning and that was when he first became a member of Kai’s fanclub.

There were a lot of teasers being released and at that time, when I saw how Kai sunbaenim danced, I thought it was so cool and decided I want to be like him.

— Lee Know


Lee Know isn’t the only idol who has been charmed by Kai. Over the years, many other male idols have expressed how impressed they were by his skills and many rookie idols have named Kai as their role model as well. With so much talent and an amazing personality to boot, it’s really no wonder that Kai’s fanclub just keeps growing!