EXO’s Xiumin Selects The Biggest Highlight Of His Career

Fans will probably agree with his choice.

There’s no denying that EXO are some of the most impactful and successful artists in K-Pop despite always maintaining a humble attitude. Fans have always applauded their immense talent and are hoping the group will be able to make a comeback soon.

EXO have given some extremely meaningful performances throughout their career thus far, where they’ve represented South Korea on an international stage, like the 2013 KAZAN Summer Universiade closing ceremony.

Or the 2017 Korea-China Economic and Trade Partnership opening ceremony.

When fans asked EXO’s Xiumin to choose the “biggest highlight” from his career, he had many options. Still, Xiumin didn’t hesitate before deciding that “there is one thing that really stood out in [his] career.

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Fans of EXO wouldn’t be surprised that Xiumin selected “when [they] performed at the PyeongChang Olympics’ closing ceremony.”

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EXO’s performance at the closing ceremony was iconic, with not only fans captivated by every moment of the performance…

But by non-K-Pop fans

And Olympians loved the performance as well.

The official Olympics’ Twitter account even raved about EXO’s performance.

For Xiumin, “Being able to perform at the closing ceremony was a huge milestone in [his] career, and [he is] incredibly honored.”

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But aside from simply being a monumental performance, Xiumin also found the closing ceremony to be “the performance [he is] most proud of.”

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And one of his fans, Eldin, also admitted that despite not being from Korea, even he “was so proud of that moment.

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You can watch the Olympics‘ performance here.

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