This Fanart Is Cheering ReVeluv Up After Red Velvet Wendy’s Accident

Included the note “#GetWellSoonWendy”!

Thai ReVeluv jujiirRPG posted this sweet fanart of the members of Red Velvet comforting their groupmate and friend Wendy after her accident while rehearsing for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun. Fans have been so incensed by the lack of care and consideration shown for the safety of artists that they started a petition against SBS and also demanded an apology for Red Velvet.

jujiirRPG’s fanart has been making ReVeluv smile and cheering them up after being fraught with concern for their favorite idol.

Source: @jujiirRPG/Twitter

Originally posted to Twitter, it has since been shared by user @irenebaebae on Reddit.

Receiving a ton of love from both Twitter and Reddit, ReVeluv can’t hold back how much they love the drawing.

Source: @TIRIPIRI/Reddit
Source: @LailaRV1/Twitter

ReVeluv have been encouraging the artist to submit the adorable piece to a message book project Twitter user @baechurch is organizing to cheer Wendy up!

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