Fans Demand SM Entertainment Take Action As More Sasaeng Phone Calls To Idols Including NCT’s Haechan, Jungwoo And Taeil Surface

Sasaengs call them at all times of the day.

Recently, a leaked voice recording of NCT‘s Haechan made its rounds on social media. The call was made by a sasaeng who was believed to be either his alleged girlfriend or his younger brother’s girlfriend.

NCT’s Haechan | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

  • Sasaeng: “Sigh, hello. Why is it oppa that’s picking up?”
  • Haechan: “Hello?”
  • [silence]
  • Haechan: “Ah, you really don’t know when you should be scared. I’ll be suing you. I’m hanging up.”

An explanation of how the call ended up being leaked gave some background on why this single event occurred but lately, more and more invasions of idols’ privacy have been occurring due to sasaengs calling them.

Sasaeng fans, or stalker fans, are known to do about anything to get the attention of the idol they like (or dislike), including following them home, doing disgusting and dangerous acts, and harassing and contacting idols’ personal phones.

Sasaengs used to cause accidents in order to get TVXQ’s vans to stop.

Idols, including NCT‘s Taeyong, have described the stress that sasaeng fans cause them by calling their phones. In November 2022, BTOB‘s Sungjae even returned to Twitter to call out a sasaeng for selling his and other idols’ phone numbers.

Excuse me, you’re going to get reported doing that…

— BTOB’s Sungjae

Clips of stalkers contacting different idols have begun circulating more and more, like the below clip of another sasaeng calling Haechan.

  • Twitter caption: A sasaeng calling Haechan from a public phone booth.
  • Video translation: Oppa, this is Yewon. I need to go home, but I missed my bus, could you call a taxi for me? He picked up! He picked up and hung up.

Recordings of sasaengs calling THE BOYZ‘s Hyunjae and several NCT members, including Renjun, Jeno, Jungwoo, and Taeil were shared in a thread that detailed multiple people contacting them via call and text.

A stalker fan allegedly texting NCT’s Taeil.

Fans have begun demanding that SM Entertainment take action against these invasions of privacy and work harder to protect their artists.

This is just one more instance that NCT members have had to deal with stalker fans recently.

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