The K-Pop Idol Who Dragged A Sasaeng Out Of A Taxi

This time the idol fought back against the sasaeng.

Many K-Pop idols are able to do what they love, singing and performing for fans around the world. Unfortunately, some fans cross personal boundaries and head right into the stalker fan category. Many idols are not afraid to take a stand against these Sasaeng fans, and will often call them out for their behavior.  One boy group member took this to the next level and did what he needed to do to keep a sasaeng from invading his privacy.

The members of TVXQ (formerly DBSK) have dealt with some of the worst experiences with sasaeng fans over the years including these stalker fans hitting Changmin with a bag of rocks, breaking and entering their home, and most notoriously, giving Yunho a drink poisoned with glue and causing him to have to be hospitalized.

TVXQ’s Changmin (right) and Yunho (left). | Elle Japan

Similar to other groups, TVXQ also dealt with sasaeng fans following them everywhere by using taxis. According to K-Rapper and YouTuber Grace Kim, these fans pay hundreds of dollars a day to these taxi drivers to help them chase after the celebrity that they are stalking. These sasaeng fans would have taxis purposely get into accidents with TVXQ’s vans in order to have them stop and be able to watch them up close.

Changmin even once cried in the streets surrounded by stalker fans who would not leave him alone.

It is easy to imagine how one could get frustrated with dealing with people following your every move and never having a moment of peace to yourself. In what would be a very controversial move, Changmin decided to strike back at one of these sasaeng fans.

A few years ago, a clip of Changmin dragging a sasaeng fan out of a taxi was spread online. In the clip, Changmin is seen opening the taxi’s door and then pulling the fan out by her jacket.

The fan lands on the ground and Changmin can be seen pacing as the other sasaeng fans in the taxi exit.

Changmin then appears to begin arguing with the taxi driver, likely just as frustrated with him as he is with the sasaeng fans.

When this clip was posted, opinions were divided on whether or not Changmin took it too far by physically removing the fan from the taxi, with many saying that they thought he could have done something else but completely understanding his reaction after years of being stalked.

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