Fans Hope Huening Bahiyyih Will Receive More Lines Ahead Of Kep1er’s Comeback

Fans are calling for the members to be treated more fairly.

Kep1er recently announced they’ll be making a comeback in June and fans can’t wait!

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The group has been very successful since they debuted in January of this year. They received their first music show win only ten days after their debut. They were also the 10th best-selling fourth generation girl group with over 389.5k album sales. Kep1er’s fans, Kep1ians, have been the biggest advocates for the girls, especially group member, Huening Bahiyyih.

The members of Kep1er earned their spots in the group through Mnet‘s survival show, Girls Planet 999. While Huening Bahiyyih was on the show, fans noticed her alleged mistreatment compared to other contestants, which they compiled receipts to show.

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Out of the top fourth generation girl group’s debut songs, Kep1er had the most even line distribution. While that may be true, Huening Bahiyyih’s had 9.58 seconds of lines in “WA DA DA” compared to the second member with the least amount of lines, who had 13.44 seconds in the song.

Fans also noticed that the line distributions from their debut album High Impact didn’t match the girls’ rankings from Girls Planet 999. Member Chaehyun ranked first on the show and had the most lines on the album, but Huening Bahiyyih, who ranked second, had the least amount of lines. 

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Because of this, some fans have been calling on Kep1er’s company WAKEONE Entertainment to treat Huening Bahiyyih more fairly.

The group is currently competing on Mnet‘s Queendom 2. Fans have been celebrating the moments that Huening Bahiyyih gets screentime or more lines in the group’s songs, but they want to be able to celebrate more than the bare minimum. All of the Kep1er members have proven they are talented and fans want to be able to see them all shine in an equal light. 

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Ahead of Queendom 2‘s finale, the group released a new song, “The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down),” and fans are thrilled that Huening Bahiyyih may have more lines. The official line distribution has yet to be released, but fans believe she has about 25.6 seconds worth of lines, which is more than her average across their nine recorded songs, which is roughly 11.29 seconds.

While it seems she does have more lines, some fans have pointed out that it’s mostly adlibs.

Fans hope that if she does have more lines, it’s because WAKEONE Entertainment is seeing the calls for more equal treatment of the members.

The final episode of Queendom 2 will air on June 2 at 9:20 PM KST, where the line distribution will be more clear. The group also confirmed they’ll have their comeback in June, which fans hope will showcase Huening Bahiyyih’s talents even more.

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