Fans Predict EXO Chen’s Solo Albums Hinted Towards His Relationship

Fans are on another level when it comes to finding clues!

EXO’s Chen recently announced that he would be getting married through a handwritten letter through the official fan site. SM Entertainment also released a statement and confirmed that they would hold a private wedding and that his fiancée is currently pregnant.

Amidst all the celebratory messages and support from fans, they have also found hints that seem to show that he was in a relationship all along.

One fan posted photos from Chen’s solo albums and felt that the album cover images told a story of how he met his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife.

His first solo album, April, and a Flower, was released on April 1, 2019. Even the track list of the album seems to tell a story of his feelings for his partner.

Track List:


Beautiful Goodbye

Sorry Not Sorry

Love Words

I’ll Be There

Portrait of You

His second solo album, Dear My Dear, dropped in October 2019.

Track List:

1. Shall We?

2. My Dear

3. Amaranth

4. Hold You Tight

5. You Never Know

6. Good Night

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this tells his story?

EXO Chen's Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy