Two Underrated Female Idols With The Best Waist To Hip Ratio

We’ve never seen such bodies.

While idols like TWICE‘s Dahyun are known for their incredible waistline, two of these underrated female idols are rising in recognition for their waist to hip ratio. As many know, for Asians who naturally have a smaller body build and skeletal frame, it’s rare to find an idol that is slim yet has a great waist to hip ratio. However, these two underrated idols are taking the online world by storm with their unreal proportions.

1. Lovelyz’s Sujeong

She once went viral in a fancam for how she looked in low rise jeans and a white top. It’s no wonder, given her natural curves.

Not only does she have a slim waist, but she has a naturally curvy hip.

She looks gorgeous in crop tops.

We’d kill to have her body.

This is from her viral fancam moment.

2. fromis_9’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung was always known for her visuals but her body is incredible. Look at how perfect her body line is.

Simply amazing. You have to be born with it.

This scarf top and jeans combination did wonders.

Of course, she already went viral once for her figure in a tight knit dress.

We love these fit queens! Hopefully we’ll get to see more of them in the future.

Source: theqoo