Here’s The Full Story Behind SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Super Extra NY Lover Airport Fashion

It actually wasn’t Hoshi’s idea.

So, not long ago this happened to SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi and Carats remember the day:


In a recent live broadcast, SEVENTEEN revealed the full story behind this wholesome, NY-loving, extra AF outfit that Hoshi rocked at the airport!


It turned out, the outfit was a result of one harmless rock, paper, scissors game. When Jeonghan, Hoshi, and DK visited a souvenir shop in New York – while the entire group was in the east coast of the United States for KCON NY – they had a brilliant game idea:

Let’s play rock, paper, scissors and have the loser wear whatever the winners pick out on the way home. All the way to the dorm!

— Jeonghan


So immediately, the three musketeers began a game of the rock, paper, scissors, putting their “fashionista” titles at stake. Jeonghan won the first round and was saved from misery…


… and DK as well!


Hoshi, the unluckiest of them all, had no idea what was about to happen to him. Jeonghan and DK got busy shopping right away. DK had a very specific “lounge look” in mind for Hoshi:

I think pink will be good. It’s quite a lovely color.

— DK


Jeonghan added a black tote to boost the city chicness in Hoshi’s about-to-become-legendary airport fashion.


The two winners had a blast picking out the most extra of extra items for Hoshi to wear. Accepting his fate, Hoshi got a good laugh out of how silly he looked too!


Soon the outfit was ready and Hoshi paid out of his own pocket to cover this touristy-AF style. The complete “New York Mania Hoshi” look included a “NEW YORK” baseball cap, the classic “I LOVE NY” T-shirt and PJ pants, a handy dandy tote bag, and a pair of “Socks of Liberty”.


And, friends, that’s why Hoshi arrived like this in Seoul!


Watch the full clip here: