G-Dragon Gets Heartfelt Send-off To The Army From YG and Friends From All Over The World


G-Dragon may be starting his mandatory military service on February 27, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be missed! So many people have taken to Instagram and Twitter wishing the singer well.


First Seungri posted photos with G-Dragon and Taeyang (who will be starting his own military service on March 12) wishing them well.

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Seungri wrote,  “Have a good trip, Hyung” in his Instagram post.


Then Yang Hyun Suk himself added his own pictures and well wishes!

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YG tagged the photo with #Stay_healthy_in_the_army


And CL showed off her brother-sister relationship by telling him, “Don’t worry I won’t come visit you”, but has since removed the post.

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There were so many people that G-Dragon has worked with in the past who wanted to send him off well. Many of them posted photos with him on Instagram and wrote him special messages.


Toure Harris started off the well wishes.

“Kwon Ji Yong, the time will go fast, my friend. Stay strong. We’re all rooting for you. “


Choice 37 said, “Gonna miss you bro😢 see you soon🙏✨”

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Justin Lyons added, “To the boss man. To you and this next journey. You’re gonna kill it like u do everything else. Gonna miss you my g!”


Then, Bennie Rodgers tagged him with, “Love you my dude. It will go by so fast.”

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And Danny Lee tweeted to him.


Areum also showed her support, saying “always xxxxx”.

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Lee Hyewon told him to take care of his “body and mind. Come back well.”


Ellen Kong added, “I am sure you will come back bigger, stronger and more prominent in every aspect!! Take good care, our one and only GD!!!”


Hwangssabu: “Jiyong-ah~ Health comes first~ Take care”

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Showing that the YG family is as thick as ever, even YG dancer Park Eunyoung chimed in, saying, “Take care of your health! Come back well Jiyong-ah I love you, Kwon Jiyong”

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Not to be left behind, Kwon Youngdon wrote, “”I love you, Hyung”


Showing that G-Dragon is really loved all over the world, internationally-renowned music director, producer, and arranger Gil Smith II posted, “Let the countdown begin. Can’t wait for your return. Thank you for everything, sir ”

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Not one to be left behind, Kim Heeyun posted, “G-Dragon has come by separating the clouds*~ Take care of your health and come back well Kwon Ji Yong Jjang”


Finally Kwon Youngdeuk said, “Take care of your health and come back safely, Hyung. I love you❤”


G-Dragon will be enlisted as an active duty soldier and will have to go through some pretty rigorous training. But with such heartfelt well wishes and statements of love, he is sure to have the strength to make his military service will fly by!

Source: Naver and onehallyu