The Resale Value of G-Dragon’s Sneaker Is Almost 50 Times the Original Price

G-Dragon’s brand, PEACEMINUSONE collaborated with Nike to produce Air Force 1 “Para-Noise”.

G-Dragon recently released a sneaker produced by the collaboration between his brand, PEACEMINUSONE, and Nike, and it’s receiving so much love that the resale value has skyrocketed.

The Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” came out in black and red, and the original price was 219,000 won (~$187 USD).

But as soon as the product was released, it gained so much that the resale value has reached the thousands.

And in the case of the limited-edition sneaker, the resale value is hovering around 10 million won (~$8545 USD).

The line in front Nike store in Hongdae was so long on the day of the release, that it shocked everyone who saw it.

Soon afterward, even famous celebrities posted photos of themselves with the sneaker, confirming that G-Dragon is indeed a trendsetter.

Since G-Dragon is already influencing the world shortly after his military discharge, many people are anticipating what else he has in store for his fans.

Source: Insight and @kickwhoshow