Get To Know DPR IAN, CL’s Hot Partner In Her “5 STAR” Music Video

He’s multitalented!

If you’ve watched CL‘s recently released “5 STAR” music video, then chances are you’re curious about her hot male lead. Here’s everything you need to know about him!

In case you didn’t know, her male lead is none other than IAN from the music and video group DPR (DREAM PERFECT REGIME).

DPR is a multi-genre group of artists that “creates, directs, produces, and edits all types of visual work“.

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DPR IAN, otherwise known as Barom Yu or Christian Yu, was born in the year 1990 in Sydney, Australia. He is fluent in both English and Korean.

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IAN is no stranger to the K-Pop industry, having debuted in the boy group C-CLOWN in 2012 under the stage name Rome.

Early K-Pop fans may recognize their song “Shaking Heart”.

An all-rounder, he was the group’s leader, main rapper, and main dancer.

He was also in a dance crew called Kill.U.Strate with rapper DPR LIVE.

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As a member of C-CLOWN, he once joined MBC‘s Idol Dance Battle D-Style in 2014 where he impressed with his smooth and powerful dancing.

Don’t go thinking that dancing is his only talent! Every so often, you’ll be able to catch him playing the guitar.

He also has a fantastic voice that is sure to reel you in.

Unfortunately, C-CLOWN disbanded in 2015, but IAN wasn’t about to stop there.

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As DPR added more people to their group, they quickly became the up and coming creative company to look out for because of their signature style and high quality work.

In terms of his role in the group, IAN is the “creative genius”, director, and chief editor.

He was the visual director of Taeyang‘s “WAKE ME UP”, BOBBY‘s “HOLUP!”, Amber Liu‘s “BORDERS”, and MINO‘s “BODY”, among others.

Now remains the question you may be asking—are IAN and CL in a relationship?

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Their chemistry in “5 STAR” is off the charts, and nobody can get enough of how cute they look as a couple!

CL even made a short appearance in IAN’s music video for “So Beautiful”, which some fans say is related to the “5 STAR” storyline.

The two have yet to address any of the rumors, however, whether they are true or not, at least you can re-watch the extremely well made videos as many times as you want.

Watch CL’s “5 STAR” music video below!

Source: CL Official Channel