Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Hilariously Reveals The Pressure One Faces Being Invited To Tiffany’s Birthdays

She got her hair and makeup done just for this.

Many SONEs were tickled when they saw that the girls had all gathered to celebrate Tiffany‘s 31st birthday in Seoul just last week. With all their Instagram updates, they made sure to share the special moment with their fans as well.

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As many would know, Tiffany loves her themed parties. While over the years she has made the girls of Girls’ Generation dress in her favorite color, pink, this year she made it a little more classy and understated with a black color theme. Most of the girls were decked out in little black dresses or maxis, accented with red roses provided by Tiffany herself. Not only was it Tiffany’s 31st, it was also the 13th year anniversary for Girls’ Generation, making the celebration all the more special.

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Hyoyeon took to her radio show with MC and comedian Kim Shin Young to discuss the party. She hilariously shared that the dress code was implemented by none other than Tiffany! However, she also made sure to announce that the girls always felt the heat due to Tiffany’s stringent dress codes. Hyoyeon even went to the salon that day to get her hair and makeup done.

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Jokingly, she expressed that she was questioning the need to be professionally done up for a simple, private party, but she did it in the end for the party queen herself. Last year, the theme had been spangles and sequins, but Hyoyeon was the only one who had followed it, and for a funny reason! The girls had called off the theme at the last minute, but being late to check the group chat, Hyoyeon had dressed up in a sparkly jacket and was the only one there dressed so.

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Hyoyeon was relieved this year, to find out that not only was the dress code easy to adhere to, everyone had also followed it so she was not the odd sheep out. Fans simply loved seeing the moment, complimenting her for being humorous, as well as claiming that all you needed for some fun in life, was a friend like Fany!

Tiffany does seem like the moodmaker of the group! With friends like these, what more could you need?

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