Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Thanks Late Sulli and Refers to Her as a “Seawall” for Other Idols

This is right after Naver’s announcement that they’ll be abolishing the comments section of their entertainment articles.

In light of Naver’s recent news that they will be temporarily abolishing the comments section of their entertainment articles this coming March, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung took to her Instagram story to thank late Sulli for becoming a “seawall” for other idols.

Sooyoung shared a screenshot of a news article sharing Naver’s announcement, and she captioned it in a way that paid tribute to Sulli.

The girl who lived her life as the incredible waves and and ended up becoming a seawall for us all.

– Sooyoung

Ahead of this news, the Korean online portal, Daum also announced that they would eliminate the comments section of their portal as well last October.

This all started after Sulli’s passing, and there’s been heightened interest in malicious commenters ever since.

As a former fellow SM artist and friend, it appears that Naver’s recent news reminded Sooyoung of Sulli first.

Rest in peace, Sulli.


Source: Dispatch

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