Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Revealed The Fan Gift She Always Carries With Her

She uses the meaningful gift often.

In a long-awaited visit to Vogue Korea that Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young had been excited for, she emptied out her handbag to show the items she typically carries. Along the way, she revealed a fan gift that she always keeps by her side.

Displaying two pairs of earbuds, Tiffany Young revealed that she used each pair for different reasons. The white case was “for casual listening.” The black case was to “monitor some songs or when I wanted to listen carefully to the vocal, mix, or the instruments.

Because the black case had one earbud that was black and one that was pink, the magazine asked if AirPods came in different colors. Smiling, Tiffany Young proudly revealed, “No, this was a birthday gift from the fans.

Fans customized the AirPods Pro just for Tiffany Young, including the lettering from her tattoo along with the two colors of her off-stage self and on-stage persona.

The tattoo on my finger says ‘Dreamer.’ The same ‘Dreamer’ is on the case. And the color is black pink.

— Tiffany Young

Not only was the gift meaningful to Tiffany Young, but it’s also become such a handy gift that she uses often. Watch her get excited about the precious fan gift here.

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