Yoona Simply Couldn’t Resist Pulling A Prank On Her Bodyguard

Yoona trolled her bodyguard in the cutest way possible:

Arriving back in South Korea after her schedule in Taiwan on December 13, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona was full of energy. So full of energy in fact, that she simply couldn’t resist teasing her bodyguard with an adorable prank!


The moment they left the arrival gates, Yoona snuck behind her bodyguard. In this position, she was all set to prank him!


By the time he realized she wasn’t right beside him, Yoona was one step ahead of him! As he turned to look behind him, she sidestepped to the other side and out of his line of sight! Yoona’s playful surprise not only had her smiling wide but her bodyguard couldn’t hide his smile either!


Yoona and her bodyguard weren’t the only ones left grinning, fans were delighted by the cute interaction too, especially since it was the first time they had seen her bodyguard smile!


Check out the adorable moment in full in the video below:

Girls' Generation