What Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Really Thinks About The Criticism Idols-Turned-Actors Like Her Receive

She’s been insulted for her acting before.

Following the success of her latest K-Drama, Big Mouth, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA sat down for an interview with news site Korea Herald. Apart from discussing how viewers received her performance and sharing behind-the-scenes stories from the show, she addressed the issue surrounding idols-turned-actors.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

YoonA made her acting debut in the 2007 Korean drama, 9 Ends, 2 Outs, and has since gone on to star in multiple K-Dramas and films while promoting with Girls Generation. The group even recently made a long-awaited comeback with the track, “FOREVER 1.” However, due to her label as an idol, she has been scrutinized for her acting skills.

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K-Pop idols come under fire when they shift careers due to the common belief that they lack proper acting skills. There may be exceptions to the case, such as 2PM‘s Junho who became the first idol-actor to win “Best Actor” at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards, but it doesn’t happen often.

2PM’s Junho

Only a handful of idols like Junho have been hailed as being good actors, while many others struggle to receive the same praise.

Another complaint they often receive is that they “stole” the role of a more talented and experienced actor, especially if they are the protagonist. As such, they are put under pressure to prove that they deserve to be cast.

While on the topic of her own acting, Yoona shared her thoughts about it. She acknowledged that many idols-turned-actors like her receive criticism. However, she personally believes that they should be judged based on their skills, not on their title as a singer.

Though some people might have had critical views towards the ‘idol-turned-actor,’ I thought everything was up to each individual.

— YoonA

She tries her best not to worry about her label as an idol. Instead, she hopes that viewers will recognize how hard she works and see that she carefully prepares for the dramas she stars in.

I tried not to worry too much about the label. I just believed the viewers would acknowledge my effort when I am well-prepared for the project.

— YoonA

YoonA may have been on the receiving end of criticism for her acting—especially when she just started out—but given the many roles she is being cast for, it’s safe to say that people love watching her!

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Source: Korea Herald

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