“The Glory” Actress Song Hye Kyo Had One Regret While Filming The K-Drama

“If I have a chance, I wanna…”

Netflix‘s newest Korean drama The Glory has already become a hit among viewers, with only part one of the season currently available for streaming. As the star of the K-Drama, actress Song Hye Kyo has earned rave reviews for her acting. Even so, it turns out that she had one regret while filming the series.

Song Hye Kyo

When Elle Korea magazine asked the actress if she had any regrets while filming the show, Song Hye Kyo admitted that it had been new territory for her. She said, “It was my first time acting in this genre. All the scenes were hard at the beginning of the filming.

Wanting to do her best and do the character justice, Song Hye Kyo constantly questioned if she was doing everything right.

Because of that, Song Hye Kyo wished she could redo some of the earlier scenes with another round of filming.

But after taking the time to watch The Glory for herself, Song Hye Kyo realized that she’d already done it justice. Sporting a proud smile, she said, “I think I did my best.

On top of impressing viewers with her acting skills in the series, Song Hye Kyo has shown how dedicated she is by wanting to nail every detail of the role—even if she could refilm it.

The Glory

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