Go Eun Ah Under Fire for Making Provocative Claims “Just to Draw Attention”

She previously exposed fellow actresses as well as her old agency for wronging her.

Go Eun Ah is currently facing controversy due to her past claims of more experienced actresses who bullied her as well as her past agency, who allegedly hit her head with a baseball bat.

Go Eun Ah Exposes Past Agency for Hitting Her With a Baseball Bat as Punishment

While some netizens are commending the actresses for making “courage remarks“, others are accusing her of “making exaggerated and provocative remarks in order to draw attention“.

Just last week, Go Eun Ah appeared on her brother, Mir‘s YouTube channel to expose more female actresses for outcasting her on set as well as steal her dress for an award show.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t been very active in the entertainment industry for a few years, Go Eun Ah received overwhelming attention, placing her at the top of the search rankings on Korean portal sites.

But her claims in a following video drew even more attention.

She claimed that her old agency hit her head with a baseball bat to the point of her almost fainting due to a dating rumor and that they monitored her apartment’s CCTV cameras after that and even threatened her with breach of contract fees.

Although Go Eun Ah clarified that agencies nowadays are not like that, it gained explosive attention with some criticizing the actress for speaking lightly of issues that qualify as criminal acts.

Following both videos, netizens are divided on the matter with some commending the actress for “pulling out her darkest memories in order to support her brother’s channel“, and some others expressing, “Whether it’s true or not, making such claims without naming anyone will cause harm to innocent second parties.

Source: Dispatch