Goo Hara’s Brother Tells Painful Details About Their Childhood of Abandonment and Hurt

Goo Ho In went into depth about Goo Hara’s pain and suffering as a little girl.

In the midst of Goo Hara‘s family dispute over her inheritance, Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In went into depth about the pain their mother caused them as children and how that led to Goo Hara’s sadness and loneliness as an adult.

When Goo Ho In was in Grade 4 and Goo Hara was in grade 2, their mother ran away from home and cut off all communication, giving their father no choice but to leave them with their grandmother and aunt while he set off to work in construction to support the family.


With the support of her brother as well as her other family members, Goo Hara overcame the hardships and debuted with KARA in 2008 and shot up to superstardom in the Hallyu world.

And despite the fact that their mother gave up all rights to her children after leaving the house in 2006, she expressed her desire to reclaim her parental rights at the funeral following the passing of Goo Hara.


In an exclusive interview with SBS, Goo Ho In opened up about their unfamiliarity with the word, “mother”, and what her actions did to Goo Hara into her adulthood.

I remember the day she left the house. We were young at the time, so I don’t know why sh left. My father asked me and my sister if we wanted anything in the sweetest way. That day, my father made an extreme decision. My sister and I saw my father getting put into the ambulance. For Hara, who was in Grade 2 at the time, our mother’s sudden absence and our father’s hurt probably remained as sadness for the rest of her days.

– Goo Ho In

And it was Goo Hara who looked for her mother first after many years of not knowing where she was following her psychiatrist’s (when she was being treated for depression) recommendation that she look for her mother.


But according to Goo Ho In, even after getting in contact with her mother again in the fall of 2017 and sitting across from her face-to-face, she was just as calm and placid as before the reunion.


Goo Ho In explained that the hurt of growing up as a child without a mother led to Goo Hara always desperately searching for love.

Hara and I grew up with the hurt of being children who were abandoned by our mother. As a result, Hara always craved love into her adulthood. She wanted to keep receiving love from fans so badly that she had a difficult time. So the fact that the woman who is the cause of Hara’s rough life is claiming she’s her mother now feels really unfair. I couldn’t stand to hear her say, ‘I’m Hara’s mother.’

– Goo Ho In

On March 3, Goo Hara’s brother filed a suit with the Gwangju Family Court against the division of the inheritance, basing it off of Article 1008 of the Civil Law, which states that the courts should consider the importance of those who have contributed to the maintaining and increasing of wealth for the deceased person.


Source: Nate

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