GOT7 BamBam’s Cousin MCs Jay B’s Fanmeeting, Proving They’re One Big Family

How can she have a bias?

You might recognize Thai content creator Babo Prae if you’re active on social media as she has a successful following on both Instagram (@baboprae) and YouTube (하이프래Hi Prae). She posts a variety of fun content, including vlogs about living in South Korea.

You may have also seen her if you watched Netflix and tvN‘s sitcom So Not Worth It as she acted alongside (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie and GOT7‘s Youngjae.

She is also the cousin of GOT7‘s BamBam, so she sometimes posts content related to the group, whether reactions to music videos or behind-the-scenes of their events. One of her latest vlogs gives Ahgases an exclusive look at Jay B‘s solo fanmeeting for his Thai fans, 1st Thai Best Friends Exclusive Meet & Greet, since she was the MC for the event.

Prae | 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Before Jay B arrived, she practiced in the studio. She also gave a mini-tour of the set, revealing the cute camping theme for the event.

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Prae then took us backstage with her. She showed off all of the Jay B-themed items, from posters to exclusive packaging of drinks and snacks!

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

She was given a buffet of Thai dishes too! There was everything you could want, from Pad Thai to pineapple fried rice!

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Later, during the fanmeeting itself, Jay B also cooked Thai food for them to eat! He wanted to know whether his or BamBam’s cooking was better.

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

While Prae might still prefer BamBam, there’s at least one person in BamBam’s family who would choose Jay B over him— It’s none other than BamBam’s mom! She even joined at the fanmeeting via videocall.

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Prae continually proved herself to be a great host. She asked the hard-hitting questions, too, like, why does he keep friendzoning Ahgases?

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Still, she made the fanmeeting comfortable for everyone as she is lighthearted and personable! It was clear everyone had a good time.

| 하이프래Hi Prae/YouTube

Being fluent in both Korean and Thai and already close with GOT7, she was the perfect choice to MC the fanmeeting! Now, we wish she would MC all of the members’ events.

Watch her full vlog below:

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Source: 하이프래Hi Prae