GOT7 BamBam’s Interaction With Youngjae’s Dad Proves The Group Really Is A Family

We love to see it.

One of the things that GOT7 fans love about the group is their family-like bond with each other. The group is so close that even their families treat the other members like their own children and a recent moment between Youngjae‘s father and BamBam proves how close they all are!

GOT7’s Youngjae (left) and BamBam (right) | @GOT7Official/Twitter

BamBam recently made another appearance on Youngjae’s radio program Best Friend where the two got into the same usual shenanigans that happen when a GOT7 member appears on the show.

BamBam even showed up dressed as the character that lost his recent Twitter poll where he asked fans what he should dress up as for Halloween.

| @mbcbf_ever/Instagram
| @mbcbf_ever/Instagram
| @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

Fans have been loving one cute moment between BamBam and Youngjae’s father the most, however.

Youngjae’s father is known to listen to the radio show and send in comments from time to time. He’s even sent in special voice messages that always seem to touch Youngjae emotionally.

During one portion of the interview section, a comment came in from Youngjae’s father for BamBam!

BamBam was first confused by his username, but after Youngjae explained that his father often listens to the show, he greeted him. The message said that BamBam “looked energetic” and that it was “nice to see,” causing the two to begin to laugh.

BamBam responded that he got rest because his schedule got canceled, probably referring to his KAMP LA 2022 performance being canceled due to visa issues, so his condition was good.

| @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

GOT7’s parents are always happy to see the other members, further proving that the group really is like a family. Check out more moments of GOT7 proving they are like a family in the most realistic way below!

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