GOT7 Is A Chaotic Family, But Jay B And Jackson Wang Prove They Have A Unique Dynamic

This last comeback belonged to Jay B and Jackson!

GOT7‘s Jay B and Jackson Wang may not have the same chaotic sibling rivalry as Jay B and BamBam, but they certainly do have a special dynamic.

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Jackson Wang | @GhaDaJW/Twitter

Because Jay B and BamBam seem to be constantly in competition, especially when it comes to workout challenges, they have always been seen as the ‘Tom and Jerry‘ of GOT7.

BamBam and Jay B | @BamBam1A/Twitter

Recently, for example, they co-hosted Youngjae‘s radio show Best Friend together when Youngjae was in quarantine, and the result was plenty of their usual hilarious bickering.

While Jackson himself is one of the few people who can match BamBam’s chaotic energy, he has also shown himself to have a totally different vibe. For one, he has a completely different way of handling pickup lines…and has expressed his preference for staying out of Jay B and BamBam’s competitions.

Yet, that doesn’t mean he and Jay B haven’t had their fair share of chaotic sibling moments. During GOT7’s recent comeback, for example, the members revealed the truth behind Jackson and Jay B’s iconic ‘chicken fight,’ in which Jackson had mistakenly accused Jay B of eating his chicken. Hilariously, it was actually BamBam who had done so!

As much as the members of GOT7 have bickered over the years, their reunion for the group’s 2022 comeback was nothing less than heartwarming. And Jackson and Jay B in particular seemed to be really enjoying hanging out together again.

One moment that Ahgases can’t get enough of in their dance practice log is when Jay B hilariously pulled an unwilling Jackson into a hug mid-choreography, which Jackson struggled against at first but then easily gave in to.

Of course, the next time Jackson was only too happy to embrace Jay B…

…which Jay B himself commented on, gushing over how cute the moment was.

And it wasn’t the only moment from the log Jay B gushed about! On a clip of Jackson sweetly passing him some water, Jay B also couldn’t help saying, “Cute.”

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With antics that really show how good of a team these two are…

…there’s no doubt that GOT7’s latest comeback was Jay B and Jackson’s!

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