How GOT7’s Jackson Wang And BamBam Reacted When They First Saw Each Other Again In Korea

Chaotic siblings reunite in the most loving way.

The behind-the-scenes vlog for GOT7‘s most recent comeback, GOT7, shows that the members had the sweetest reactions to seeing each other again in Korea after months spent apart.

Jackson and BamBam

After leaving JYP Entertainment in early 2021, the members all took some time to work on their own solo projects. It was an opportunity for each member to explore their own colors, which Jackson Wang feels GOT7 never really got to do as a group before.

GOT7 | @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

Given their busy schedules, it naturally became difficult for the members to see each other often. Plus, Jackson and Mark Tuan went back to China and the US respectively, which made it even harder for the members to meet up.

Therefore, when news of GOT7’s full group comeback broke, Ahgases were beyond excited at the prospect of seeing GOT7 together again. And, of course, so were the members themselves! In fact, Jackson opened up on W Korea about how balancing his solo schedule had made it difficult to return to Korea, but that he did his best to make it work because GOT7 is family.

| @GOT7/Twitter

While they only had three months to produce the new album and all the accompanying content, GOT7 made sure to have enough content to keep Ahgases happy for a good long while. Recently, they began releasing behind-the-scenes footage of the album’s production process—and one moment has had Ahgases feeling particularly touched: Jackson and BamBam’s reunion.

Jackson and BamBam | @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

The two members saw each other for the first time in a long time at the studio. As soon as they saw each other, they immediately embraced in the absolute warmest of hugs.

| GOT7/YouTube 

The hug lasted for several seconds, and it had fans feeling extremely soft.

Jackson and BamBam went down memory lane together with Youngjae, and Jackson couldn’t help reminiscing about old times…

…particularly the freestyle that they did together, which made BamBam hilariously bring up yet another story of how he once dissed Jay B.

Of course, the reunion between the other members was also just as touching!

GOT7 have been together through thick and thin, and have now made a successful comeback as the first self-owned group in K-Pop. Their bond is undeniable, especially considering that the odds were against them after they decided to leave JYP Entertainment. But they stuck together and made things work at all costs. Now we can’t wait to see them together again!

In the meantime, watch GOT7 reunite on their behind-the-scenes log below.

Source: YouTube