GOT7’s Jackson Took One Look At BamBam’s “Crash & Burn” Outfit And Couldn’t Resist Teasing Him

He couldn’t resist cracking a royally good joke!

In the latest GOT7 Hotline episode, GOT7 took fans backstage during their first “You Calling My Name” Music Bank appearance and while they certainly made everyone swoon with their stunning visuals, Jackson soon had everyone laughing when he realized just how royal their attire was.


Ahead of their “Crash & Burn” performance on the show, BamBam made hearts everywhere flutter with his stylish all-black look that highlighted his royal aura.


With his royal look on full display, it didn’t take long before Jackson took notice BamBam’s style!


— Jackson


After successfully nabbing BamBam’s attention, he simply couldn’t resist teasing him by giving him a royal welcome and offering to be his bodyguard! And his words instantly had BamBam bursting into laughter!

I’m Jackson and I promise to protect you forever.

— Jackson


Although the moment was brief, it certainly didn’t escape Ahgases’ attention and soon fans were cracking up too!


Jackson’s teasing and BamBam’s visuals definitely made this a moment to remember. You can check out the adorable moment and more in the video below:


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