GOT7’s Jackson Made The Entire Fandom Go Wild With A Mysterious Tweet Hinting At A New Content

Jackson has been preparing something:

With a single tweet, GOT7‘s Jackson set the entire fandom on high alert for new content!

On March 8, Jackson headed over to Twitter to let fans know how much he misses them and remind everyone to stay nice and healthy.

It’s been a while

And I miss you all


— Jackson

Jackson’s tweet wasn’t just a sweet message and reminder to fans, however. Despite reminding everyone to stay healthy, Jackson decided to launch a direct attack on fans’ hearts by revealing he had been working on something for a long time before teasing that the mysterious project will be dropping soon!

As soon as Jackson posted his tweet, the whole fandom went wild with fans expressing their excitement to see or hear whatever it is that Jackson has been preparing!

There’s no doubt that whatever this mysterious “something” turns out to be, it will be absolutely amazing! Are you as excited as us to find out what Jackson has planned?

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