GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Reaction To A Fan Proposing On Stage Showcases His True Personality

What a moment!

GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s world tour, Magic Man, may have just entered its second leg, but it has been very eventful so far!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Vogue Thailand

Following the release of his first physical solo album, Magic Man, Jackson spent a lot of time traveling around the world promoting it at several music festivals, including 88rising’s Head In The Clouds in California and the opening ceremony of THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup, before officially announcing his world tour with six initial concert dates.

| Team Wang

Beginning with the first set of concerts in Bangkok, where he went viral after his super sexy fanservice was revealed, Jackson has continued to awe audiences with stunning performances!

Jackson recently embarked on the European leg of the tour and kicked it off with a massive bang. In addition to going viral, again, for upping the ante on his fanservice, Jackson also hung out with fans that attended the London show!

With so many amazing moments from the tour, fans anticipated what would happen during the artist’s two nights of shows in Paris and were not disappointed!

For his performance of “I Love You 3000,” Jackson selected three lucky fans, including a male and female couple. As Jackson was performing the song and singing to the individual fan, he and the rest of the audience noticed something was happening with the couple across the stage.

| @kinoprint/Twitter

The male had begun preparing to propose to his girlfriend! Once Jackson figured out what was going on, he helped position the couple where everyone could see and couldn’t help but let his surprise be seen on his face.

The couple seems to ask if what was happening was okay, and Jackson enthusiastically nodded, instructing the pair to kiss on stage!

| @lazyeol/Twitter

After this moment, Jackson gathered all three people for a group hug and continued singing before screaming, “Congratulations.

| @lazyeol/Twitter

Fans had hilarious reactions to this moment, ranging from their own reactions to being proposed to like that and about Jackson being the best wingman ever!

Jackson’s kind personality shone through once again during this moment! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!


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