GOT7’s Jackson Finds Out About All The Things He Went Viral For, And Has The Best Response

His reaction says a lot about his personality!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang once again showcased his true personality after finding out about all the things he’s gone viral for recently—and having the best reaction.

Jackson Wang | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

Jackson was in Thailand recently, where he went viral for everything from a hilarious (though thoughtful) gesture towards Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag

…to the way he treats staff.

Fans also couldn’t get enough of the way he reacted when a little boy approached him with a letter—or how he reacted to reading it!

Jackson has gone viral multiple times, and each time it was for an act of kindness. When this was pointed out to him in an interview with radio station Met107FM, Jackson was completely surprised to find that he’d gone viral for so many things.

| @jwangmoments/Twitter  

The host listed them out, including how he had treated the little boy so kindly and how he had watched out for a cameraman in case he fell.

Jackson’s response? Rather than just taking it as flattering compliments, Jackson firmly stated that everything he did was simply common sense.

He was evidently grateful for receiving so much appreciation, but that’s not what it’s about. Rather, Jackson’s philosophy seems to be about being truly selfless and not expecting praise for every act of kindness.

Listen to the clip from the interview on the link below!

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