GOT7’s Mark Hints That A GOT7 Album Will Be Coming This Year

Mark originally thought their plans were going to be a secret!

GOT7‘s Mark hinted that the group would be releasing an album this year in a recent Instagram live!

GOT7’s Mark

Jay B (formerly known as JB) recently shared that GOT7 wants to release at least one album a year.

We want to try to release at least one album a year. It would be great if we could perform on stage, too. I’ve talked a lot with the members about how we feel during specific times in our lives and discuss what topics and themes we want to include in our albums. I think that’s the least courtesy we can offer to the fans.

— Jay B

GOT7’s Jay B

Mark saw this interview, and he confirmed that the plan is for GOT7 to release at least one album a year. He also laughingly said that he thought this was going to be a secret!

I think I saw the interview where Jay B said we are going to be releasing an album a year. Yeah, so that’s the plan. I thought we were going to keep it a little secret (laughs).

— Mark

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark also hinted that an album will be coming “soon” and that the members are currently talking in their group chat about their plans!

You guys will be seeing us soon, hopefully. It’s already April right now, almost May. Yeah, hopefully, you guys will see us soon.

— Mark

| @marktuan/Instagram

In early 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that all the GOT7 members would not be renewing their contracts. Despite the members signing with different agencies, they have stated many times that they’re still together, and they released their song “ENCORE” to let Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) know this.

Here’s the full video below!