Mark Tried Stealthily Reading The Prompter At GOT7’s Showcase But Everyone Quickly Caught On

He had everyone cracking up with his sneaky tactics!

GOT7 just had their highly-anticipated comeback and to celebrate, they dazzled fans with heartstopping performances, introduced their album to everyone, and just had some fun with Ahgase at their Call My Name showcase.


While there were plenty of amazing moments from the showcase to leave fans breathless, there’s one moment, in particular, that’s leaving fans breathless with laughter! During the showcase, Mark was asked to give an introduction to their new album for everyone.

This is ‘You Calling My Name’ which we performed for you during the opening.

— Mark


Mark started off describing in detail some of the things fans could look forward to while listening to the album. His description was absolutely perfect. In fact, it was a little too perfect!

It’s a pop song with a dark and edgy feel. It has minimalistic sounds. JB and Jinyoung worked on the lyrics too.

— Mark


As Mark delivered his description, his members started to become suspicious of him and it didn’t take them long to figure out what exactly Mark was up to! Once they’d figured it out, they hilariously called him out for it!

He’s good at reading!

— Yugyeom


As Mark’s script reading cover was blown, even Mark couldn’t help cracking up over the whole situation!


Meanwhile, Ahgase everywhere are getting a good chuckle out of Mark’s sneaky tactics too!


But hey, nobody said reading from the script wasn’t allowed right!


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