Gugudan’s Mina Snaps at a Fan Who Thinks Being Skinny Is Best

Mina recently addressed her past diet of only consuming sparkling water.

It wasn’t long ago that Gugudan‘s Mina made headlines after her revelation that she lost more than 90 pounds by surviving off of 2 bottles of sparkling water a day.

Gugudan’s Mina Reveals Her Dangerous Dieting Method

But in a recent chat with fans, Mina clarified that she didn’t reveal her extreme dieting method so that other people could try it, too.

When I talked about my sparkling water diet, I was saying it to warn people not to do it because it’s bad for you. I didn’t say it to mean, ‘Everyone, go try it.’

– Mina

She continued that she had been receiving DMs asking about her diet, and expressed how disappointed she is.

For example, I’ve been getting DMs that go like, ‘I need to lose this amount of weight by this date. If I drink only 2 bottles of sparkling water a day, will I be able to reach that goal?’

– Mina

She added that unless one has a job that requires them to lose weight (ex: celebrity), it upsets her to hear about the need to lose weight.

Unless you have a job like a celebrity where you have to lose weight for work, it upsets me to hear people say, ‘I have to lose weight.’

– Mina

Mina continued to express that being skinny somehow became the standard of beauty in society, but that weight shouldn’t determine how we evaluate someone’s beauty.

Being skinny isn’t the standard of beauty. I know in this society, being skinny is what has become our standard, but just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re pretty, and just because you’re chubbier doesn’t mean you’re ugly.

– Mina

But in response, one fan refuted Mina and commented that being skinny is best, to which Mina clapped back hard.

You think being skinny is best? Okay, then. You live your life being skinny.

– Mina

In the past, Mina expressed just how stressed she was because of her weight during Produce 101, and later revealed that she lost over 90 pounds by only consuming 2 bottles of sparkling water a day.

She’s been receiving overwhelming attention for her visuals lately, but Mina made it clear that she doesn’t recommend the measures she took to lose the weight.

Check out the full clips below:

Source: Insight