Gugudan’s Mina Reveals Upgraded Figure Following Her 30-Pound Weight Loss

She recently revealed that she survived off of 2 bottles of sparkling water a day.

Gugudan‘s Kang Mina, who recently gained overwhelming attention with her confession that she lost nearly 30 pounds by quitting food and only drinking sparkling water, shared multiple photos of herself flaunting he upgraded figure.


Although many would agree that that method wasn’t the healthiest way to lose weight, fans are drooling over her recent photos in hopes that she’s maintaining a healthier routine nowadays.

The photos Mina recently shared with fans show her wearing a tight pink dress that especially shows off her curves.

On top of her stunning figure, Mina’s face has been looking more radiant than ever.

Mina, who was a little heavier during Produce 101, confessed that she used unique dieting methods to achieve her figure today.

On a recent episode of Happy Together 4, Mina even shocked viewers by revealing that she quit eating food and survived off of 2 bottles of sparkling water a day and that she only weighed 92 pounds at her lightest.

As a result, fans can’t help focusing on her recent photos even more.

Check out some more photos of Mina’s upgraded visuals below:

Source: Insight